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About IK

Company Introduction
We, IK INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION are the leading company who has own global marketing capabilities and combine with engineering service. We give the total solution for Korean heavy equipments as a customized service through knowhow in the field of construction and mining industry the while. Especially, we are specialized in various range of hydraulic attachments to be mounted on any excavators, loaders, etc.
IK provide the quality products and services through the close cooperation with major company in Korea and work
in precision partnership with clients around the world for mutual satisfaction and success.
Our main strength is that IK
1. Has wide business experiences with hydraulic attachments
2. Give competitive price through various supply channel
3. Be available to provide various brands
4. Let save time to research and compare
Blue symbolizes reliability and rationality.
Our vision to become a top global company that can represent Korea was incorporated into the logo.